YouTube sensation Vidya Vox is giving us some major outfit goals

Everyone must have come across this startling YouTube sensation Vidya Vox who frames unique mashup covers of Bollywood and Hollywood tracks. As much as we love her mashups, we love her outfits. They are so appealing, that we often find our mouths ajar just gazing at her #OOTD’s. Like her mashups, she has got a true clasp on fashion as well. She knows how to blend western and Indian elements altogether and understands the perfect amount of  desi charm she needs in her outfits to match up to her mashup themes. Here are some of her OOTD’s that make her our new favourite on the fashion scene and honestly, we can’t wait to try ’em all.

1. Miss Elegant drenched in bohemian accessories

Adding an unexpected, bohemian touch to a sophisticated attire. How divergent yet amazing is that?

Vidya Vox-1


2. We heart the beautiful coalition of ‘Juttis’ & ‘Shorts’

We’ve all seen and paired our shorts with sneakers and sandals but how about juttis and payals? 10 points to miss Vox for that! 😉

Vidya Vox-2


3. Jazzing up a casual look with printed boots

Keeping aside our all time favourite white kicks, we are loving those printed tan boots. What about you?

Vidya Vox-3


4.Not a rigid follower of ‘Fashion Rules’

A complete head turner look. Who says your kurti has to go with a Patiala or leggings? Miss Vox is making her own fashion statement with an embellished kurta paired up with heels & golden accessories.

Vidya Vox-4


5. Sometimes it’s okay to give up the glamour

Going easy breezy with tan boots and a comfy sweater dress is the best thing that we all can do.

Vidya Vox-5


6. Adding a little bit of ‘Bappi Lehri’ swag

How about pairing up golden jewellery with sneakers and rugged jeans? We’re loving how she kept the balance and did not overdo it because we all know what it would look like otherwise…do we need to even say more? 😛

Vidya Vox-6


7. Bringing some ‘Indo-chic’ vibes

We guess she has done some PhD in styling Indian wear in the most effortless ways. Don’t you think so?

Vidya Vox-7


8. ‘Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be’. Well, YESS!

Honestly, this blue hair colour looks magical with a baby pink bomber jacket and denim skirt. We’re not getting over it anytime soon!

Vidya Vox-8

Image source: Google & Vidya Vox

So, We are all ready to try out these looks. Are you too? Tell us which one did you like the most and would definitely try. Show off your looks by #Sdmdaily on Instagram to get featured. For any queries, you can always seek SyleDotMe’s expert help! 😀


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