An Open Letter To All Our Pados Wali Aunties!

Our ‘Pados wali aunties’ are way more concerned about our future, marriage, studies, friends and everything. Truly speaking their over involved nature always brainwashes our parents’ mind and they end up being frustrated and tensed. But, here is an open letter to the society who always pressurise the girls for each and everything. Dear Society, you need to see how these women are proving the community wrong.

1. Caring Society – “Get married before 30 otherwise you will have to compromise marrying a bald man.”

The diva who did it – Bipasha Basu – She married at 39, and she got KSG. Leave aside bald, she got a sexy, hunky man.

Stop giving tension to my parents, Dear pados-wali aunties.

women proving society wrong

2. Caring Society – “You can’t travel the world alone. You need a man companion.”

The diva who did it – Priyanka Chopra – Not only is she travelling the world by herself but also leaving behind her footsteps.

Common Mom, now you have a good example to convince Daddy to let me go abroad for higher studies. 😛

women proving society wrong


3. Caring Society – “You can never be a business woman.”

The diva who did it – Preity Zinta – Owns a freaking IPL team. Despite it having co-owners, it is recognised as PZ’s team, and she has more enthusiasm towards her team than anyone else.

Who have complaints now?

women proving society wrong


4. Caring Society – “What is the use of sending girls to school, they only have to cook food at the end.”

The diva who did it – Kalpana Chawla – Went to space and became the first women of Indian Origin ever to enter the space. She proved education makes everything possible.

Dear society, we know we have to cook food but let’s make that our choice and not a compulsion.

women proving society wrong

5. Caring Society – “How stupid it is to train the girls for sports?”

The diva who did it – Geeta Phogat, Babita Phogat – won gold medals for India at the International level in wrestling.

Yes aunty, in case you didn’t know that Dangal is based on a true story. You went for Aamir Khan, but these girls are real life heroes.

women proving society wrong

6. Caring Society – “Girls must get married before 30 because after that age starts showing effect.”

The diva who did it – Kareena Kapoor – She marries at 32. Have you guys seen her? Gosh. She is so beautiful and flawless.

Dear all, let us get married when we want to and not when we have to.

7. Caring Society – “The only work a woman can do is be a teacher or a banker. Entrepreneurs and field works are entirely a No for the girls.”

The diva who did it – Ekta Kapoor – owns a production company and has produced too many films. She has made many daily soaps and turned so many strugglers to stars.

BTW aunty, that favourite show of yours is by Ekta Kapoor, a girl. B)


I hope these examples of women proving the society wrong are enough to shut everyone who has a stereotypical point of view towards girls. A girl is as capable as a guy, and she does not have to prove herself to the society to live her dreams.

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

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