So, we have all stepped in the winter season and are starting our year looking forward to many opportunities giving us a chance to style for each of them. Let us talk about the winter/ footwear and accessories for this season which will help us to style our look this season.

Let’s talk about some basic and in Trend Winter Footwear and Accessories   


Knee length boots have bought in a fresh feel to this season. It allows your feet to be comfortable and also wraps your legs and saves you from the cold winter breeze. You can pair these boots with your short dress for a party look and with jeans for a casual day. This style of boots have been a classic and will also serve the looks for this season.


Coming back in trend from the Dior Fall/Winter 17-18 Collection, berets are becoming a revolution now. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Rihanna have been spotted wearing the beret, also it has made its entry into street style. Berets also have a military head over their arrival in fashion. The Berets have been a headgear for the French Army for over a century now. The beret gives a very chic appearance to our look. Wheather be it a warm morning or a chilled night the beret fits in all which also makes it the number one trending accessory this winter season.


The oversized scarfs are completing the layer this season. They have been seen in fur and wool material variations. The oversized scarfs are observed to be an eye-catching element this season and have become a must-have for the wardrobe.


The top-handle bags have entered being suitable for every occasion this season. They are mostly seen in oversized silhouettes, vibrant color combinations and having a very feminine touch which completes the look this season.


Earrings, Chokers, and pendants will give the winter accessories them a  different take. The Single Key earring from Marc Jacobs Collection gives us the inspiration of wearing a single studded piece in one ear which will adapt in fashion for this season. Chokers and pendants are also updating this season in terms of style and materials. Let’s see what stays this season.

Come on, Let’s grab all the winter footwear and accessories for this winter season.


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