7 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Dumped You!

If you had a girlfriend that recently left you without a reason, maybe we can give you one! Here are 7 most possible reasons why you got dumped. We can’t help you with all but with some, of course!

#1. 5 missed calls when your bae is shopping.

girlfriend gif 1

If you hear this statement you better run to your girlfriend because THAT dress is on sale and IF it’s no longer there, guess what else will be missing? Your head probably…

#2. Forgetting important events.

girlfriend gif 2

If you did this, be ready for a month of bitter chills. “How could you forget baby? “ , “ You don’t love me anymore” are going to be as mundane as Mondays.

#3. Not saying anything.

girlfriend gif 3

When your girlfriend   asks you how she looks while your favourite football team is playing, please pause the game (HELLO TATASKY!) and reply because if she is all decked up for a party and you don’t compliment her, there is nothing that can save you.

#4. Saying it about another girl.

girlfriend gif 4

It’s poor enough if you don’t compliment her but complimenting another girl IN FRONT of her? Bring on your excuses while she hurls abuses.

#5. Saying the wrong thing.

girlfriend gif 5

Brace yourselves for crocodile tears and presumptuous statements! After all, what is a more heinous crime than a pick-a-tick line on your girl?

#6. Not paying attention.

Image result for I deserve somebody who gives a shit gif

“Baby both of them look nice” “You said that about the last 12 dresses you know”. Sound familiar? Sorry bro, but you just gotta learn the difference between lavender and violet (?!?!)

#7. Not dressing tastefully.

Image result for i'm dating an idiot gif

If you thought only her clothes are the issue, you are mistaken. “ Why are you wearing this shirt?” is NOT what we want you to hear so put some thought and effort into how you dress!

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