Why Forever21 Haul is the Perfect Outing You Need


You. Yes, you reading this article. You need a getaway. And what can be a great getaway which isn’t far, is in your city, doesn’t put a hole in your pocket, makes you happy about yourself and doesn’t make you sweat in this summer heat. Yes, you guessed it. A SHOPPING SPREE.  A haul in forever 21 or should I say retail therapy.  We all love FOREVER 21 and the perks that come with it. Want to know them? Read on.

Chirp cheap chirp



Cha-ching! We all know about the magic of Forever 21 that it is forever light on your pocket. It’s not waste, it’s an investment. Where else you can get good material, trial rooms and cheap prices? Tough to answer Eh!



Treasure hunt





Shopping here makes the experience as if you were a pirate looking for gold hidden under hundreds of racks and hanger. You keep an eye open to find that black crop top with tiny pineapples that your friend was bragging about. Errr!!




Sharpens your math



Where else will you run your turbine to estimate the bill amount of a skirt worth Rs.678 with 33% off along with a coupon that you got on your birthday? The first thing we all look at is the price tag which either gives us a smile or a shock. But with the thunder sales at Forever 21, they assure that smile is etched on your face almost every time.




Oh the variety



Basic silver necklace? Check.  Little black dress? Check. Killer red heels? Check. Pretty beige bags? Check. Super hot shades? Check.  Answer to all your fashion retail needs? Double check. They’ve got everything in hundreds of different variety. Not kidding. I swear on my vogue.




Feel good


Away from your cubicle desks and boring lectures, in this retail paradise you are the queen or the king. In the heaven of so many choices your ego takes a hike. It helps you forget about the outside world and focus on the pretty things that you can own.


Makes you a rational human being



Or sometimes not. But we all can brag in our resumes about our decision-making skills that we made in trial rooms or the intensive whatsapp group discussion with your besties on a picture you sent and needed an urgent opinion on.



Them yellow bags


We all know the Cheshire cat grin that comes on our faces while holding those new yellow Forever 21 bags. The happiness, the joy and oh! That feeling of accomplishment.  You feel like a productive human being and nothing can spoil your mood on this day.



#foreverloveforever21 <3

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