Even though you love dresses and skirts, but there’s a special room in your heart for denims. Nothing seems to be as well-to-do as your favorite denims. For you “Denim is a way of life” which is a must have staple in everybody’s wardrobe. So, if you are a person for whom denim is not basic, and you are a literally a denim hoarder, then here are 10 things you’d totally relate to!

1. No matter what the weather is, denim is your always go-to

Denim Hoarder - 1

Weather changes but your wardrobe is still loaded with pieces of denim. From denim shorts to jackets you’ve got all, and there’s no fuss in your life.

2. Oh, you’re 30 mins late? Well, no issue because denim has come to your rescue

Denim Hoarder - 2

When in the morning you snooze your alarm till you realize that you are significantly later than you thought, you don’t let your outfit become your biggest stressor, since you know how your basic denim can make you look cooler just in seconds without many efforts! 😉

3. You’re a pro at nailing the denim on denim trend

Denim Hoarder - 3

While your friends find it tough to make a decision on an outfit for a get-together, you get away easily with your double denim ensemble.

4. You never go through what to wear dilemmas

Denim Hoarder - 4

Your friends would really never understand that how you manage to ditch those agonizing moments of what to wear and have a trouble free ready hour. Well, you know your personal style which makes it tranquil for you.

5. From flared jeans to shorts to skirts, you’ve got ’em all

You are a true denim hoarder. From the suitcase beneath your bed to the closet, from raw jet black to light washes and from denim button-down skirt to flared pants, you own it all.

6. You know all the Denim DIY’s

Denim Hoarder - 6

You’ve spent half of your life on youtube, searching, exploring and learning different ways to revamp your old denim jeans and not to forget you do it like a rockstar!

7. Pants seem to be hopeless to you

Denim Hoarder - 7

You really don’t understand how people get comfortable in those pants, or how they even manage to choose colorful pants over the blacks and blues. According to you, culottes, palazzos and long skirts, all seem to be same because not to forget you’re a true denim hoarder and will always stand by it!

8. You’re ready to spend money extravagantly on a new denim collection

Denim Hoarder - 8

You don’t get as excited about anything in life as you get excited about the latest denim that is dropping in your nearby outlets. You splurge money on it without any regrets, since you know you’ll keep them longer like for the next 100 years at least. 😛

9. No matter whatever the occasion is, denim is your first and last choice

Denim Hoarder - 9

There’s a thing called ethnic wear for weddings and dresses for date nights which you’ve been ignoring since ages, and now even your mom has stopped convincing you for that!

10. You’ve assorted pair of jeans that seems to be same, but in reality, you know how distinct they are

Denim Hoarder - 10

The Same pair of jeans which you wore yesterday? Nah boy.

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So, if you are the same person and have got it, then without any delay flaunt it on our very own StyleDotMe app. You can also post your denim looks on Instagram with #SdmDaily, and your look might get featured on our page. So, what are you waiting for, get your favorite denim and keep posting. 🙂

I am a creative fashion influencer showcasing a variety of fashion looks. Stylist, content writer, photographer, reviewer are some of the words that describe me.

I am a creative fashion influencer showcasing a variety of fashion looks. Stylist, content writer, photographer, reviewer are some of the words that describe me.

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