We are in the 21st century, in this century where we all are living a utility based lifestyle. In this century where fashion is becoming the lifestyle all trends are also becoming a part of our utilitarian lifestyle.  In this article, we will talk about BUM BAGS which is now heading towards this utility trend.


A Bum Bag is a small bag worn around the waist having an adjustable strap.




Emerging from street style, the bum bags are now seen everywhere. It also becomes a part of the athleisure culture. You can carry your bum bag to the gym for your gym essentials and also to the office for all your office essentials. The bum bag gives the wearer a style statement and also has become a utility for them.  In the bum bag, you can carry all your gadgets and other small belongings. It consists of many compartments which allow more space to the bag. Also, the bum bags can be worn in many different styles except around the waist. The bum bag has also made its way to the runway in the Gucci 2018 collection.

The bum bags also called a fanny pack is now being promoted by various style bloggers, influences and various Hollywood personalities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian. Also, brands like Channel, Gucci, Emporio Armani and Stella McCartney have invested into it. The Bum Bag is not only for girls but is useful to the boys too. The bum bag can also be carried in many different styles, such as a handbag, around the waist, around your shoulder, with an oversized belt. The best part of the bum bag is that it serves all your purposes from travel, work, and leisure being comfortable yet cool.













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