Uff Yeh Noor (Sonakshi Sinha’s looks decoded)

Sonakshi Sinha looks adorbs in her new film Noor and at StyleDotMe app, we are trying to decode her girl-next-door look! Sonakshi clearly slays it and makes us say “Uff Yeh Noor” each time she appears onscreen. So, let’s list down 5 of her journalist look-book and see if we can take some style inspirations from it.

1. Mischievous Noor

uff ye noor look 1

Image Source: India Today Group

As cute and mischievous as she looks in this pic, so is her style. Spects, a cap and an over-sized shirt – Nothing more is  needed to rock that chic yet street smart look.


2. Confused Noor

 uff yeh noor- look 2

Image Source: The Express Tribune

We all go through this phase in our lives where we are super confused about what we are doing with our lives! Don’t we? But, we can never be confused with our outfits/style with the StyleDotMe app. A palin kurti, a scarf , few metal bangles and a cross over completes a semi-formal look for the day. Thus, we suggest keep the fabric cotton to survive in this scorching heat!


3. Work Sucks for Noor

uff yeh noor- look 3

Image Source: Livemint.com

Well, work does suck for Noor like most others. But, her fashion game is always on point. For all of you who aren’t much a kurta person, Noor has a fix! So, wear a dress and layer it with a scarf and a shrug/kimono and you are good to go.


4. As Gulabi as She is

uff yeh noor look 4

Image Source: bollywoodhungama.com

Noor is the ultimate boho-chic in this movie! Dress with junk jewellery and boots! You slay girl.


5. Noor teaches ” How to Move your Lakk”

uff yeh noor

Image Source: The Quint

The ultimate  ” party di jaan” that she is, Noor Aka Sona looks absolutely Lit in this no. Need we say more!


So, these were our favourite looks from the movie Noor. Hence, Sonakshi definitely looks like never before and leaves us with only one line “UFF YEH NOOR!”  For any other confusion on these looks, head over to StyleDotMe app.


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