Tricks to look taller instantly

We all love to look like Deepika Padukone, don’t we? But not everyone is blessed with a height like that. Thank God for some brilliant tricks to look taller and the StyleDotMe app that the struggle can be minimized a bit now. Read ahead to know some of the most relevant ways to look tall or simply download the StyleDotMe app for some fashion advice on the same.


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A high waist bottom always gives an illusion of a few more inches. It’s one of the most well-known fashion tricks. The fact that it’s high waist adds the illusion of a longer torso. As a result, you look taller.



super short dresses to look taller

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Super short dresses show a major part of your legs thus making you look taller. This is because the more your legs are exposed, the more they look longer.



nude pumps to make you look taller

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Nude pumps match the color of your foot and thus gives an illusion that they are a part of your leg itself. This obviously makes you look taller as people are fooled easily. 😛



hair updo to make you look taller

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Any hair updo that reveals your neckline properly always adds up to make you look taller. This trick also works well if the hair is pulled back tightly.


pointed flats to make you look taller
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So you are petite and you love to wear flats? No worries on that. Pointed flats can be your savior on that. These not only make look taller but also makes you look trendy!



cropped jeans tricks to look taller

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Cropped jeans is a superb trick to make you look taller. These reveal a fair portion of your foot and legs to trick others about your height.



maxi skirts/dresses. tricks to make you look taller, instantly

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They say that long dresses are not for short women but we say it’s false! If you’re petite, then maxi dresses or maxi skirts is your answer, girl. Especially those with a slit always add a few extra inches to your original height.


These were a few tricks to make you look taller, instantly. Hope it helped. You can always fall back on the StyleDotMe app when in confusion.

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