Because pub-hopping is way too mainstream…

A trial room in the midst of a street market? Sounds obnoxiously out of the box, right?

StyleDotMe is a fashion app that helps you get instant fashion advice from fashion bloggers, friends and family when you really need it – whether it is an outfit choice you’re confused about or if you’re having an SOS moment while shopping. StyleDotMe is your personalized fashion community!

This is what they essentially believe in –

Trial room confusions? Uggh, they hate them too.

A store with a trial room ? Great, works for them.

A store without  a trial room ? Even better, they’ll build you one.

It’s the only startup that thought of installing trial rooms in Janpath, giving shoppers an extraordinary experience. The trial room in Janpath was a complete hit. It was a win-win situation for the shoppers and the shopkeepers.

From “Galli Ka Mall” to an actual mall, StyleDotMe has come a long way.

After Janpath, the next stop on their exhilarating journey was Forever21, Mall of India, Noida!

They invited a couple of fashion bloggers including Kritika Khurana, Deeksha Khurana, Abhinav Mathur, Malvika Gupta, Niki Mehra among others. The fashion bloggers styled the winners of the pre-event contests that they had held on their social media handles. The crowd went gaga over the bloggers. They also set up a talking mirror, a photobooth, and put up adorable stickers and standees all over the store.

Excitement and fun had enveloped the store!

Want to get rid of all your fashion dilemmas? You don’t have to wait for 11.11 now! Who doesn’t like solutions, especially when they’re absolutely free ?

Get the styledotme app, available on ios and android store for free!




AUTHOR: Samriddhie Taneja

Has special love for Nicholas Sparks and Butterscotch.


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