Do you like staying on top of your game every season? Hey there, me too and I guess all of my girl squad too. So we have this dilemma before every party or concerts (or just stepping out of the house) how to dress up differently this time and I swear this is the most difficult question to answer. And in the quest of answering this question I came up with this list of the most trending dresses in 2017. Lets try to add some variety to our closet.

If dressing up is your style mantra and you love reading about fashion, let’s perhaps talk about some piece of dress that we came across or adorned in a party or an event or on a fashion blogger we stalked on instagram.

So let’s find a dress which will compliment your style and fit just perfectly in your wardrobe.

1. Lace-up Dress

Well, lace- up is the new trend be it in tops, dresses, jeggings and even shoes. It is getting so much attention worldwide because it gives a sense of mystery and sensuality. Isn’t that what every women desire? Every body-type can wear a lace up detail dress. You can opt for a conservational lace-up that will increase your fashion quotient and still let you cover up, or can go total sassy in those deep lace up designs.
PS : Try doing DIY to your old dresses which are lying in burried in your cupboard.

Body type – Any body type can wear it according to the design
Style Tip – Wear it with an elegant pair of heels and a classy statement earring/ hand cuff
Best brands – Forever 21, H&m, Koovs, SR Strore



SR Store
Forever 21



So there are days when I am in no mood to play dress up but still wanna look chic (Don’t laugh at me, am sure everyone has those days, right? ). I found this amazing solution to my dilemma, my solution is called “Sit at home” haha just kidding; it is called T-shirt dress. They are like tees, just a little longer. They have a loose fitting and are so comfortable that you’ll never wanna take it off. Also if you are trying to hide those flabs, then go for it.

Style Tip – Wear them in hot summers with sneakers and you can team them up with legging or denim jacket in winters.
Best brands – Forever21, H&m, Koovs, Lifestyle, Missamore


Forever 21


I am so obsessed with cut-out dresses, I may accidentally fill my whole wardrobe with it this year. It makes you feel so girly and helps you flaunt whatever you want. I just did a DIY with an old dress and cut-out two diamond shape pieces from the waist and now it gives an illusion of a slimmer waist. So what are you waiting for? Try out for yourself.

Body type – Depends on the position of your cut-outs
Best brands – Koovs, Stalkbuylove, Forever21, Dressberry, Jabong, Zara

SR Store


Another trend which is capturing the market by the storm, and am pretty sure you would have something related to it in your wardrobe (If not anything else, there would surely be a choker somewhere). This was a 90s trend which is recently resurfacing everywhere. Choker dress is a modification to the choker accessory as we would like to add it all over our attires. The choker is attached to the dress giving a very dressed up and sensual look.

Style Tip – Here since choker is the main element, don’t wear statement accessories which will grab attention from the choker.
Best brands – Missamore, Stalkbuylove, Zara, Koovs



If you like your skin to give some show, step into off shoulder dress. The current off-the-shoulder trend is one of the hottest looks this season and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t join in. It has bohemian vibes; and gives a fun, playful and girly look. Also it can be worn from dusk till dawn.

Body Type – Women with flaunting collar bones
Style Tip – Wear it with strappy sandals for a day look, and step into heels for a night look.
Best Brands – Stalkbuylove, Forever21, Koovs, Lifestyle



This is the hottest trend; from your friend’s party to the red carpet, we have seen it everywhere. The bare legs gives illusion of longer legs and who doesn’t like that. Slits can vary – it can be in the front or at the sides, also it can stretch up to your thighs or stop at your knees. You can carry the slit however you are comfortable with, there are no rules, you just have to be your confident self. The slits give a sure shot aura of sexiness.

Style Tip – Wear it with stilettos to give length to your legs
Best Brands – Stalkbuylove, Sr Strore, Forever21

SR Store


Do you like looking like you own the world? If yes, this is what you need in your wardrobe this year. These have evolved from a tuxedo Men’s suit and given a perfect formal get-up for women. Never knew a formal dress can look this fashionable and class-apart. You can also wear a blazer and skirt to get this look if you are unable to find a tuxedo dress.

Body Type – Women with heavy hips should avoid it
Style Tip – Wear it with stiletto heels and statement earrings
Best Brands – Missguided,, Stalkbuylove



Have Kardashians filled your feeds everywhere with their pencil dresses flaunting their curves and do you think you have the confidence to carry those tight dresses? If your answer is yes, then now is the time to flaunt your curves. Pencil dresses are narrow and straight like a pencil with a slightly tailored hem falling at or below the knees.

Style Tip – Pencil dresses are mostly monochrome so style it with statement accessories
Best Brands -Dorothy Perkinks, FabAlley, Forever21, Koovs

Trending dresses in 2017
SR Store
Dorothy Perkins



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