Glitter tears, first popularized in the winter of 2016 during New York fashion week, have quickly become the newest fashion trend among makeup enthusiasts. They create a dramatic and eye-catching effect of sparkly tears running down your face. Whether you are heading to a music festival, attending a New Year’s Eve bash, or planning a fun night out, glitter tears can be a fun and unique way to stand out.

In order to create the look, you will need to apply your base face and eye makeup, add adhesive and glitter under your eyes, and then complete the look with bold eyelashes and light lips.

5 ways to do Glitter Tears!

#Look 1 

Don’t have the ingredients required for glitter tears? Don’t worry! It can be done with shimmery eyeshadow as well.

#Look 2

Is being subtle not your thing? Do you like to go over the top? Then this look is for you! Here is straight up chunky glitter.

#Look 3

Tears can also be subtle, It’s all up to you. But yes, make sure that they don’t seem like random glitter on your face. It is an art that you can master with practice.

#Look 4

Ever wish to feel like an anime star? Then try this one out! You can use stones or crystals for this look. This is one beauty trend that has no rules and can be molded the way we wish!

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#Look 5 

Don’t think tears are your calling? Well, there is a last resort which you might find tempting. Instead of having glitter applied in the shape of tears you could also just apply it underneath. The whole point is to look sparkly AF.

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So, what do you think? Are you going to give under-eye sparkles a chance? Or are you going to make a hard pass on this one?

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