Struggling to find the right kind of fitness motivation? Don’t worry we’ve covered the best fitness influencers in town for you!

Motivation and Inspiration are all we need to get out of our comfort zone and live a healthy life. We’re here to help you out with the same by putting across the best of fitness influencers in front of you. One scroll down through their feed will be enough to make you feel guilty. Don’t be a spoilt sport this season and get your ass up for an epic workout session. #FollowTheBest and Get Going!

1.Natasha Noel

This one can go crazy with her Oh! So AMAZING flexible moves at almost every location. Confidence and positive vibes are what defines her. She will make sure you end all the negative energy around yourself and grow every day as you workout.

2.Jia Singh

A healthy diet and surrounding are all you need when it comes to having a rejuvenating experience and Jia Singh definitely serves as an epitome for the same. Her blogs about travel and wellness are enough to keep you motivated to live a healthier life.

3.Sheena Fit

By the look itself, we’ve got a fair idea that she’s got it ALL. Being a role model and helping others transform is a hard task but Sheena knows the correct way to do it right – Her Instagram feed will surely get you motivated for an epic workout session.

4.Sucheta Pal

Gyming might not seem the ideal kind of workout for some of us but who said there’s no other way? What about a fun #Zumba Session with Sucheta Pal. Get ready to burn all your calories the right way with this energetic one as she knows how to get everybody on their feet in seconds. #PumpUp

5.Apurva Lama

There’s no way one can fail if their family serves as the backbone for the right kind of motivation. We just can’t deny how she’s got perfect each and every day with her hard work when it comes to working out. It’s not just about fitness but her incredible fashion sense will give your major outfit goals.

6.Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Looking for an #Online fitness coach then we’ve found the best one for you. She’s always in form with her strong muscles and jaw-dropping strength which is a result of her hardcore efforts at doing her best each day. One should definitely watch her inflight 5 mins workout video on Instagram for inspiration.

7.Jahnavi Sheriff

You might not be ready for something this crazy but I’m sure her dance videos will get you an adrenaline rush in seconds. A model, dancer, and a yoga instructor – isn’t she a perfect combination of the best? Get fit while you dance on her kickass choreographies for a toned body.

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