When you’re a royal, you have the liberty to have a new wardrobe in a heartbeat. But our Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, has a different perspective on representing herself in front of the world. She doesn’t mind to repeat outfits for several occasions. Whether its a reception at the Buckingham Palace or a sports event she has to attend, she has often been seen making those old looks come off as entirely new ensembles.

One might wonder why? Well, there is definitely more to the picture than meets the eye. It’s certainly not because the Duchess has a love for a bargain, instead, it’s to make her feel more relatable.  In the world of social media and instant awareness, it’s becoming harder day by day for the Royals to hold their thrones, so to make the public feel that even princess have a budget to stick to might just make them seem more ordinary than usual.

Here are 5 things Kate Middleton taught us on how to repeat outfits.

1. New hair-do

Having your hair up or down can change the look of the outfit completely. So, try different hair-dos like tied in a ponytail, half tie, or a bun and see what fits the dress perfectly. Or, if you’re too lazy, just leave them down.

She debuted this Orla Kiely dress in 2012, then re-wore it in 2015.

She always looks gorgeous in this feminine shift by Roksanda Illincic.

2. Accessorize it

The Royals are famous for their over the top hats, and Kate uses this to her aid. She often wears a hat to refresh the look of the outfit, and well, it works quietly brilliantly. But you may also use scarfs, clutches, belts or even jewelry to kick it up a notch.


Kate Middleton Gray Dress 2

Kate Middleton Turquoise Dress

3. Pair it differently

Try to mix and match your pieces so that you get a new look. Like, if you wore a white shirt under your jacket, try to wear a different color the next time.

Kate Middleton Brocade Coat

Kate Middleton Blue Blazer

4. Make it weather appropriate

Dresses that look beautiful in the spring can also be worn in Winters by just wearing a warmer beneath. But you have to be careful while doing so, cause it should not look that you’re trying too hard to make the dress seasonal.

This Emilia Wickstead coat was a perfect choice for St Patrick's Day 2012 and 2013.


5. Change of footwear

“Give her the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Well, Marilyn definitely had it right. Go from shows to boots, flats to heels and watch your outfit transform altogether.

Kate Middleton repeats outfits and this is why

Kate Middleton repeats outfits and this is why


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