Lookout for these Raavans we encounter everyday!

We’ve all faced these Raavans in our life and even if it wasn’t the typical Sita-haran we experienced, there have been various instances where it just felt completely right to burn that ten headed evil. Here are some of the quirkiest “Dashanans” that we face in our day to day lives.

Roadside Romeo Raavans

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We have all encountered this creep atleast once. He would use all the notions of tripping, tricking and show-off and still be as useless as ever. Passing random comments, a whistle here and there, carrying out some completely off beat stunts include his favourite past-times.

If only we could delete these from the world just like some random chat history, I think, life would be much simpler.


Junior Bullying Raavans

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If instances of tiffin snatching, unnecessary hurting, snatching stuff or ragging has happened to you, then this is the Raavan you have experienced. It’s hard to deal with him. Not only is he, probably, a senior but also big and strong. We can feel you.

But how we wished we could punch them right in the face and be that sadist. If not always, atleast once. 😛


Office Boss Raavans

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He is the most cunning of all. 😛

To-do lists, meetings, last minute files, those false promotion dreams, late-night presentations, lengthy targets and a lot of stress- he loves giving it all! And buoy, he hates a NO! The condescending tone of criticism, we all can relate to it.

Having a bad boss isn’t your fault…if you know what I mean 😉


Padosi Uncle Raavans

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He is one personality capable of teaching you a thing or two about Emotional Atyachar. Poking his nose in everybody’s business is his routine job and it’s difficult for him to digest his food without giving some unwanted advices. And oh! They cannot live without comparisons. “Sharma ji ke bete toh ne engineering kar li, tumhara kya plan hai beta?” 😛

If only, we could shut them up some way.


Party Creep Raavans

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He is like that bone in your favourite piece of chicken- always unwanted! A party spoiler, this raavan with his shenanigans ensures that you do not enjoy to the fullest! His unworthy show-off and constantly irritating tactics to impress are his trademarks.

 Maybe, you could give him a piece of your mind next time. 😉


Stalker Raavans

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Their “intensive research” about you always pisses no matter whatever you do to ignore them. They are irritating creatures always on the verge of following, be it online or offline. Just an advice though, do not let your unpaid investigators get the best of you.

P.s. Stalking is a felony. Just sayin’


We live with so many Raavans in our day to day life but the beauty lies in dealing with all of them together and shine out.

After all, we do not need a Ram to kill our demons. 😀

You can find me getting excited over little things in the corridors of LSR. Reading is pure unadulterated pleasure to me. Inquisitive by nature, I love debating on newly acquired insights with my friends.

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