In case you missed it: Here’s what Techie billionaires actually wear when they are off-duty!

We always thought that tech people were bored with a stereotyped style till we eavesdropped in their wardrobes. And Boy! Were we surprised? (I am still fangirling :P). From traditional tailoring to sizzling styles, they have come a long way.

So, here are some Techie Billionaires from the world of technology who are totally killin’ it with their style:



Techie billionaires evan spiegel

 evan spiegel- miranda kerr

evan spiegel dressing

The Snapchat co-founder and CEO loves casual dressing. Seen a lot these days with his girl, Miranda Kerr, Spiegel enjoys wearing basics. His wardrobe boasts of colours like black and white. We totally love how he keeps it simple and yet super classy.



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Always seen in grey during work, the Facebook founder has an invariable love for hoodies. Even though, he likes keeping it casual when not at work,  there is an inherent difference in his style. He can carry pink shorts well too. 😛



Image result for kevin systrom dressing

Image result for kevin systrom dressing

Image result for kevin systrom dressing

Known for his love for suits and knit tie, this Instagram co-founder and CEO loves formals. No matter where he is, you will generally spot him in a shirt if not a suit. He chose to be the “suit”-able boy in a world of hoodies. Maybe, we can call him an anti-hoodie rebellion leader. 😛

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Image result for Evan Sharp dressing

Image result for Evan Sharp dressing

Image result for Evan Sharp dressing

The chief creative designer of Pinterest is showing some creativity in his styling too. Mostly seen in casual shirts, jeans and classy sports shoes, you should follow his boards on Pinterest for an uber-classy look. He has staged himself as a quiet rebellion against the slovenly style monotony of Silicon Valley.

So, if you thought techie guys could only think boring algorithms and high programming, think again. They are breaking all stereotypes and looking super-stylish these days. Maybe it’s time we took some inspiration from them because as they say “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

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