Make your Girl Feel Special With These Awesome Gift Ideas!

We believe that you always don’t need a day to remind your wife, girlfriend, a woman in your life, exactly how important they are! It’s not that we don’t believe in Valentines or Women’s Day but why celebrate her presence in your life on only one day? Make her feel special and remind her exactly how much she matters to you in various ways. One of which is obviously by gifting her something she will always treasure. So, gifts to make her feel special can be anything from extreme love to a whole day dedicated to her. But, let’s list down some of the most promising gifts for your Lady Love: 1. Makeup Set from Nykaa Image Source: Google Why do I say to gift it from Nykaa is cause it’s the best right now. Be it makeup or skin care or even hair care, Nykaa surely has the best of brands and…

6 Self-Defence Tips That Every Women Should Take Note Of!

Let’s admit it. Late nights are the time when we feel an eery shadow following whether it’s real or not! These are the times we wish we had not been so lazy and taken up a self-defence class instead of eating and sleeping. But you don’t need to be a Karate kid to tackle your attacker if you ever are attacked. Here are 6 basic self-defence tips that might be helpful! #1. Be aware of your surrounding. If you are alone and somewhere dark, better be aware of your surrounding. Another alternative is to be on a call with someone and giving them updates on your whereabouts. Otherwise, ditch the phone and unleash your inner James Bond. #2. Scream for help. Though you might feel a negotiation is a good option, do not try to talk your attacker out. Instead, cry for help. Do not let your fear silence…