Discovering the essence of Japanese beauty

I have been living in Japan for quite some time and have been admiring the beauty of the Japanese women. They have flawless and radiant skin. Wondering what would be the secret to such even toned skin, I interacted and found out that they use very simple techniques. Japanese food culture is one of the best in the world, as it consists lots of proteins and fibre. They are very important in maintaining the skin quality and the essence of Japanese beauty. Among them, rice water and green tea play a very important role in maintaining skin quality. Rice water: The leftover water after rinsing the rice (preferably Japanese or Basmati rice) is not wasted by the Japanese and is preserved for beauty usage. The rice water can be cooled to ice cubes, which you can gently rub on a freshly washed face using a cloth. This gives you instant…

6 Self-Defence Tips That Every Women Should Take Note Of!

Let’s admit it. Late nights are the time when we feel an eery shadow following whether it’s real or not! These are the times we wish we had not been so lazy and taken up a self-defence class instead of eating and sleeping. But you don’t need to be a Karate kid to tackle your attacker if you ever are attacked. Here are 6 basic self-defence tips that might be helpful! #1. Be aware of your surrounding. If you are alone and somewhere dark, better be aware of your surrounding. Another alternative is to be on a call with someone and giving them updates on your whereabouts. Otherwise, ditch the phone and unleash your inner James Bond. #2. Scream for help. Though you might feel a negotiation is a good option, do not try to talk your attacker out. Instead, cry for help. Do not let your fear silence…