summer sale


#Summer Sale: Add Hatke products to your closet by Krafted with Happiness

Is your style OTT and quite ‘hatke’? Then, Krafted with Happiness is that one fashion brand that sells stuff based on your fashion ethics. They have a gorgeous collection of apparels, accessories, and footwear which are hard to not buy if seen once. But what if your style is subtle and not loud? Can you not buy these beauties? No gorgeous, you are too pretty to be hard on your self. You can still surprise yourself with these extra glam pieces and turn your bad days into amazing ones. Life is too short to stick to one fashion choice, try and experiment. And Krafted with Happiness is having their crazy summer sale going on. So make sure to have the most of it. Some of our favorite products from their website are here. 1. Pink Loops and Pink Hoops Don’t you think this piece is an investment? You can wear…