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5 essentials of a man’s wardrobe!

Fashion trends are no longer applicable to women only. Men can certainly dress to impress if they follow the trends pertaining to their style. Right from formals to informals to accessories, men can totally woo anybody with their sense of dressing up. Here are 5 essentials that we think are a must have in every man’s wardrobe. Have a look: 1. A three piece Suit Even if you’re not Harvey Specter, a three piece suit is a must have in your wardrobe. Whether you’re heading for a job interview, to church, or to a banquet, a suit comes to your rescue every time you wish to look elegant, classy and well dressed. 2. Plaid Shirts A plaid shirt has now become an important classic in a man’s wardrobe in nearly every age. On casual days, you obviously don’t want to stifle with fitted clothes on. Pulling off a plaid…

What does bewafa SONAM GUPTA wear?

Do we even know how does the bewafa Sonam Gupta looks like or what does she wears? Is she modern or traditional? Fun or Boring? Wears shorts or skirts? Let’s take some poll on StyleDotMe app! Shorts or Skirts? Dress or Jeans? Accessories or glasses? What will a bewafa wear? Any idea? Share your views on StyleDotMe app!