Style Tips from the Queen-bee of Instagram “Shereenlovebug”

MOM, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! All of us can relate to this one sentence! Right? The mini-breakdowns and panic attacks that we get almost every second day! (hUH!). But we know that this sentence is a complete lie because just like yours, even our wardrobes are overflowing with clothes. We’ve discovered the real problem is that we are clueless about how to pair our clothes in different ways! Shereen Sikka, popularly known as Shereenlovebug, fashion and lifestyle blogger has given the solution to every girl’s confusion. We’ve always loved the way she styles herself and decided to take some inspiration from her to get our fashion game on point! Here are few ways you can style your no-so-fashionable clothes in Shereenlovebug way! BASIC NOT SO BASIC When in doubt, wear your white tee with denim and you are good to go! If you don’t wish to make a daring fashion statement then…