Netflix Shows You Should Add to Your Watchlist Right Away!

Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch entertainment these days. Back in the day to watch an American series or International movie we had a secret mafia who used to download it for us from some creepy website. Those were the days but now through Netflix, you can binge watch whatever wherever you want! So here are our favorite shows from Netflix which you should definitely add to your watchlist!  1. Jane the Virgin: Total latina rollercoaster! This show is one of a kind it showcases the life of Jane who gets accidentally inseminated by her old crush and how beautifully she handles her relationship with her lover, baby daddy (accidentally inseminate daddy!), and her hyperactive family. 2. Teen Wolf: Supernatural fantasy!  If you addicted to twilight and the fantasy world of the supernatural world then this needs to be on your must-watch list. It begins with a boy who gets bitten by a wolf and…

Met Gala 2018: The “Catholic Imagination” Look Book

Few weeks from Coachella and now another event which got our eyes rolling, Met gala 2018 which held on Monday, May 7th at the Costume Institute. This year the theme was quite catchy as it was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” It all revolved around the religious art which is in displayed in the museum. All big stars from different levels of the artistic genre came together to represent Catholic culture and fashion. These stars donned them selfs in heavy costumes designed by Hollywood’s biggest designers from Donatella Versace to Ralph Lauren. If you think you have seen enough dazzling fashion in your life then scroll down and we have 15 stars which will change your perceptive on limits of fashion at met gala 2018.                         Donatella Versace: Woman of the era  Blake Lively: She definitely  doesn’t need a stylist! Gigi…