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One Year Celebration!: 7 More Reasons to Add Rheson to Your Wardrobe!

Rheson is about to celebrate its first birthday on 12th May and they have all the reasons to make it a happy one. Sonam knows how to celebrate good times though (as we have seen our social media flooded with images of her wedding). Well, Rheson completed its one successful¬†year in the fashion market and we have seen so much of diversity in their collection in just 12 months. Started off with recalling the inner 90s of every girl as their main motto, they even went ahead to channel the 80s era. From sober whites to perky prints they spoilt us for choices and we are not even guilty! On a personal note, we love this brand as it is all about being sassy in basic kind of clothes. And here are our top favourites from their recent collection. We hope that it matches the style of every person as…

Are You Following These Fashionable Sisters Duo Yet?

If your sister is your bestie, you will always have a friend for life. Sisters are the best friends that one could have. And all we believe these days is more friends and fewer boyfriends. It is truly difficult for me to understand how do people deal with life without a sister. Sisters are bound by heart and soul. And for these sisters, they are bound by heart, soul, and fashion. These fashionable sisters duos are always up with their fashion game and are killing it like no one else does. Don’t forget to tell us which fashionable sisters duo is your favorite? 1. Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Am I crushing on this sister duo lately? I mean I was always a fan of both Karisma in the 90s and Kareena during her Poo phase but now I am drooling over them all together. They are made out of…