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 You have seen her as the strong-headed paralegal in ‘Suits’ for seven seasons. The limelight was all on the new duchess ever since her wedding with Prince Harry was announced. The paparazzi is constantly on a hunt for her impeccable taste in delicate jewels. StyleDotMe Team has summed up 5 drool worthy jewel staples that are just too good to pass. It’s time to have your own princess  moment !! Princess Much BUY HERE Dainty Rings BUY HERE Layer it up BUY HERE Ear Bauble BUY HERE Delicate Charms  BUY HERE These jewels are worth the excitement. A classic piece of jewellery will always add that extra something to your outfit. Treat yourself with these baubles, the duchess has totally approved them! To know more about the raging jewels, stay tuned to the StyleDotMe discover page.

5 Times Kate Middleton taught us how to repeat outfits!

When you’re a royal, you have the liberty to have a new wardrobe in a heartbeat. But our Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, has a different perspective on representing herself in front of the world. She doesn’t mind to repeat outfits for several occasions. Whether its a reception at the Buckingham Palace or a sports event she has to attend, she has often been seen making those old looks come off as entirely new ensembles. One might wonder why? Well, there is definitely more to the picture than meets the eye. It’s certainly not because the Duchess has a love for a bargain, instead, it’s to make her feel more relatable.  In the world of social media and instant awareness, it’s becoming harder day by day for the Royals to hold their thrones, so to make the public feel that even princess have a budget to stick to might just…