How to dress up when in TOK-YOOO!!

When you think of street fashion, Tokyo surely has its place. From being dressed up like dolls(literally) to wearing famous anime character overalls to some real funky styling, there is umpteen number of such trends. While one part of the crowd(mostly the younger ones) stick to these street styles, the other part of the crowd mostly dresses according to the seasons. People in Tokyo, take care of every detail to ensure perfection and here are some of the looks. Spring: During spring, the main fashion staples are trench coats and denim jackets. You can pair it with jeans and T-shirt or with a dress. Layering is preferred as it can get cold during the nights and a striped black and white tee comes handy for such layering.  Summer: The look is kept simple, as it can get quite hot during summers. Pull out your basics like dresses, shorts, camisole overlay…

ONE skirt FIVE looks: How to style pleated skirts

Fashion is something which everyone would want to follow these days. It involves picking the right outfit to choose the right accessories to pair them with. Sometimes this could be a difficult task and requires a certain amount of investment to be made. But did you know that you could reuse some of your outfits and create new looks? Well, one such outfit which can be restyled again is the “Pleated Skirt”. They are versatile and can be styled both formally as well as casually. Style it with a shirt: Pull out your formal shirt and pair it with a pleated skirt to make the “formal look” tag more interesting. It is different yet easy to carry. Keep the accessories minimal and add a rose gold-toned watch to complete the look. When you try this look at your workplace especially for your meetings, girl you are ready to conquer the world.…

Top 8 college fest outfits that you would want to try!

Fests are an important part of fun and frolic when it comes to your college life. You have a list of fests lurking around the corner ready to be experienced as soon as you enter college. You definitely don’t want to miss your shot at looking the best on that day. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, we’ve got you all sorted for your perfect look based on your style. Let’s take a look at some trendy outfit ideas to successfully get through your college fest.

1. The jumpsuit look

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Jumpsuits can work for everyone! The look can also be figure-flattering if worn properly. Be it halter necks, belted style or a fitted one, this one clothing item can revamp your look and help you make a statement throughout the fest.

2. The crop top & boot-cut denims look

Image result for crop top with boot cut jeans
If you’re a street chic, this look is the best for your style. The most wonderful thing about boot cut jeans is that they’ll look good with practically anything. You already live in ever so trendy crop tops, so pair them with boot cut jeans and heels for a quick and easy look.

3. The short dress and cardigan look

Image result for short dress and cardigan college fest
Be it fitted or a flare one, short dresses are the easiest going outfit for your college fest. Floral and feminine is one way to go about this look, or you could even go the geeky route with putting some metallic glasses on and shine all through the fest.

4. The dungaree look

Image result for dungarees in college
College fest is all about looking out of the box. Dungarees are back again and are surely here to stay for a long time. So layer up your dungaree if it’s chilly outside or wear it with a crop top for a chic look on the fest day!

5. The denim jacket look

Image result for denim jacket boys in college

You can team up your denim jacket with a pair of chinos and boots for a smart casual combo. Also, go for slim fit jeans or trousers with your denim jacket look for the perfect outfit at your college fest!

6. The plaid shirt look

Image result for plaid shirt guy style in college
Whether you’re going for a smart look or channeling the 90’s grunge vibe, you can pull off this iconic shirt at your college fest with casual denim pants and a plain t-shirt inside and you’ll be good to go!

7. The casual printed T-shirt look

Image result for printed t shirt guy in college
This laid-back look requires minimum effort and hence still manages to make you look your stylish best on campus. So a pair of jeans teamed with a bright colored graffiti tee is all it will take for you to be a hit with the girls throughout your college fest!

8. The sporty sweatshirt look

Image result for sweatshirt guy college full look
A lightweight cotton sweatshirt makes for a versatile and comfortable layer that can be tied around your waist/shoulders during the day and thrown on when required for the perfect sporty look on your fest day. Also, you can go for a contrasting color to add a point of difference or go for the basics to rock your college fest!

5 essentials of a man’s wardrobe!

Fashion trends are no longer applicable to women only. Men can certainly dress to impress if they follow the trends pertaining to their style. Right from formals to informals to accessories, men can totally woo anybody with their sense of dressing up. Here are 5 essentials that we think are a must have in every man’s wardrobe. Have a look: 1. A three piece Suit Even if you’re not Harvey Specter, a three piece suit is a must have in your wardrobe. Whether you’re heading for a job interview, to church, or to a banquet, a suit comes to your rescue every time you wish to look elegant, classy and well dressed. 2. Plaid Shirts A plaid shirt has now become an important classic in a man’s wardrobe in nearly every age. On casual days, you obviously don’t want to stifle with fitted clothes on. Pulling off a plaid…

5 Unique ways how yellow can redefine your Fashionista look!

Yellow! Brightest of them all. It gets you attention right away but it can go horribly wrong with one wrong move. But if done smartly a tinge of sunshine can make you the fashion diva. So if you are feeling yellow and you want to work it in your outfit here is how you can rock it.


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Nothing can go wrong with white so try a bit of yellow with your plain white top. OR you can make the colour pop out with some dark outfit beneath. Work that long neck of yours. 😉