#StartupExpo: The Eclectic Fashion Scene in the Startup Community

In an age as exciting as now, where the startup culture is booming and thriving, it’s equally refreshing to see startup owners and prospective entrepreneurs enthusiastic about taking risks in fashion, and not just their businesses.  Team Styledotme attended the ‘The Startup Expo’ organized by TiE in partnership with Lufthansa on 23rd April, 2016. In the midst of all the mentally-stimulating and informative sessions, networking with the smartest mind across industries and verticals, and striking lucrative partnerships, we couldn’t help but notice distinctive looks that some of the attendees donned at the event. Here are a few of our favourite looks: 1. The Sneaker Heads: The footwear that was once considered appropriate only for sporty adventures, today holds couture status. The Startup Expo too had many men work the good ol’ sneakers with their outfits in their own individualistic ways. 2.The Corporate Edge: Off-late we’ve also been seeing the fashion…

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To all the fashionistas out there who like to dress up, flaunt their fashion, be updated with the latest trends; and to ones who often get confused as in what dress to pick – Styledotme is the place for you. In short, this blog is to all of you readers.There is a fashionista in all of us, whether secretly deep down under or right on the front, who often gets stuck in dilemmas between choosing the best of dresses or the one who likes to keep him(her)self updated with the latest trends and indeed create fashion statements of him(her)self. If you are acquainted with any of the habits/issues as above, then STYLEDOTME is the app, made for you.(Well anyway its made for every single of you 😉 Basically STYLEDOTME is a fashion platform, rather a terminal where you could upload your best looking snaps for your friends to comment on or check out what latest trend is…

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