Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Edition: 7 Celebrity Moms Who Are Just Like Our Moms!

Mother is a word which simply means the world or a woman who teaches us life lessons which helps us through any obstacle in life. In the 21st century, Our mother’s have upgraded themselves as moms or mommy but most importantly as our friend who we can rely on for life. It looks easy but it’s hard to be a mom (especially a cool mom) but she leaves no stone unturned to make us happy and content.  Every mother is unique and vivacious in her own way. Mother’s day is a day when we can shower her all good things and loads of love.   Celebrity moms have set an example for every young mom and lady, how to juggle and hustle and still give love with full heart. All of these moms have achieved so much and they have raised their children to live with dignity and hard work to achieve whatever they want in…