5 Bohemian Outfit Ideas for Men

Seeing your girlfriend adding vibrant colours and exotic patterns to her looks? We know you guys are pretty much confused about this bohemian trend that every girl is going gaga over. But say no more guys because StyleDotMe has got the cure! The summer season is a great time to change up your closet with outfits that are more relaxed, easy-going and not overly experimental. So, give a break to your modern, minimal and sleek aesthetic looks for a while and try these bohemian outfit ideas that would be ideal to wear at any music gala or a get-together. 1. The Classic-with-a-twist look You know what’s better than the fake promises those deodorant advertisements make? This look. There’s no denying the fact that we girls like guys in formal attire but we even love it more when you experiment with it a little bit. Pull off your tailored blazer over the top of…

Rules to keep in mind while wearing a Suit

Do you think girls like snap backs and tattoos? No honey, just a good job, nice suits…and a guy wearing it the right way! Wearing a suit is not difficult but wearing it the right way is quite a task. Here are some simple rules that one must keep in mind while dressing up in a suit next… Follow these rules for wearing a suit and your suit game will always be on point.👆🏻 #Always Unbutton Always make sure that you unbutton your blazer while sitting down. A buttoned blazer not only looks shabby but also spoils the suit. Don’t let your looks spoil your gentleman image. #Keep that button above the naval The top button of a two-button (or the middle button of a three-button) should fall at or above the navel. This is purely to make you look exquisite. Don’t bother much about it. #Check…