5 Makeup Bag Essentials We All Should Invest In!

In 2018, Everything from clothing to accessories and even ways to apply makeup have drastically changed so to cop up with that we need a makeup bag full of all essentials. Makeup can be a game changer or be a complete disaster so to put an ease in picking right products here are few of our picks. Makeup bag essentials include wipes, daily use products for your makeup and brushes. Here are our doted items that you should definitely incorporate into your Makeup bags. 1. Makeup wipes Wipes are really handy especially in summer’s as they are multipurpose, You can use them for different purposes ie. for removing your makeup or just a quick dose of hydration during the day. It’s every lazy girl’s holy grail product (no need to get up and wash our face yay!!) Sephora Exfoliating wipes 2. Face Mist  Exposure in sun, Our skin gets irritated…