karisma kapoor


The new one shoulder trend inspired by Karishma Kapoor!

What’s your go-to ‘quick fashion inspiration’ destination? Yes, I know that’s definitely Instagram but who do you mostly follow? On a personal note, we are a big-time Bollywood buffs so we always fall back on our celebrities for some cheat fashion moments. After all, who doesn’t want compliments like, ‘Oh My God, she looks like Alia’, or ‘She dresses up so well just like Bebo’. We follow Bollywood celebs religiously and always bookmark our favorite looks. We have been stalking Karisma Kapoor for the last whole week and we found we are crushing on her even more now over the 90s. Since the one shoulder trend is so much in vogue these days, we thought to teach you some ways to style one shoulder trend in Lolo style. Up for it? 1. Malibu Maxi Love These kinds of one shoulder tops are my super favorite. Their fall looks sexy to me. One of…

Are You Following These Fashionable Sisters Duo Yet?

If your sister is your bestie, you will always have a friend for life. Sisters are the best friends that one could have. And all we believe these days is more friends and fewer boyfriends. It is truly difficult for me to understand how do people deal with life without a sister. Sisters are bound by heart and soul. And for these sisters, they are bound by heart, soul, and fashion. These fashionable sisters duos are always up with their fashion game and are killing it like no one else does. Don’t forget to tell us which fashionable sisters duo is your favorite? 1. Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Am I crushing on this sister duo lately? I mean I was always a fan of both Karisma in the 90s and Kareena during her Poo phase but now I am drooling over them all together. They are made out of…