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5 Indian Fusion Wear Ideas You Must Try

India is a land of diversity. Not only does it have a diverse culture but also a varied sense fashion. Indian fusion wear is thus an indefinite collection of prints, fabrics and different types of clothes. Indian wear are bright and colourful and rich in its history. But, with the modernization of the country came modernization of the way we dress as well. Believe me, its pretty awesome. Here are 5 ways you could look uber chic in your Indian wear. #1. Kurtis as dresses Kurtis are comfortable and come in all kinds of designs imaginable. With the summers right round the corner, one of the best ways to wear a kurti is to wear it as a dress. Choose a kurti without the side slits, slip it on and wear a pair of sandals or even pair of sneakers for a fun yet desi look. #2. Style your…