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8 Kitchen Items That Can Improve Your Skin And Hair

Skin and hair care routines are things that vary from person to person. Different products affect different people differently. Not only can they be expensive but it is also tedious to find products that suit you well. So what could be better than natural, inexpensive ingredients?  Would it not be great if you could just grab something from your kitchen and look fab? Here are 10 kitchen items that could do wonders to your skin and hair: #1. Olive oil Olive oil is one of the most versatile oil you could find. You could use it as a moisturiser for your face and dry body parts like elbows and knees. Oiling your hair with it will leave it silky and conditioned. For best result, warm equal parts of olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil and apply on your hair. Also, adding a little salt to olive oil would act…