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Celebrating Our Women’s Day With the Women we Get Inspired

‘All that she ever wanted was a liberating life. When she got one, she flew like no one else.’ Standing against all the odds and fighting for her stand is something that every woman has always done. Be it in her family, her school, her college, public place or anywhere, we had to strive to get our own stands. From working hard on themselves to making a mark in the whole world, these women are an inspiration to every little girl out there who dreams to be a star and also to the woman who is working each day to make her life better. On this women’s day, let us see how they stood out in their field and how addictively they have inspired u 1. Priyanka Chopra I had to begin with her. She is the epitome of #BossBabe in the whole world. Don’t you feel the power when…

Dating an Entrepreneur? Are you going through these too?

‘Late night texts to Bae, excuse me, does it still exist?’, ‘Celebrating new years eve with your BF is so old school,  I don’t bother about it anymore’,  ‘Why are you panicking if your partner cancelled the date night?’ Finding me weird? You would definitely not if you are dating an entrepreneur as you would feel all these words by heart. An entrepreneur is one of the busiest people you would ever deal with and if you are in a relationship with an entrepreneur, you will surely relate to all these facts. 1. ‘What, your boyfriend calls you four times a day, Oh God! Is he hopeless or is he unemployed?’ You simply cannot understand how people have so much time in the world for their partners. 2. ‘Really your girlfriend remembers all the dates of Valentines week and she wishes you on each one of them.’ You start thinking that these girls exist only in romantic…