Fozzy Goblet


Let Your Feet Get Cozy in the Leisure of Fizzy Goblet!

Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world said, Marilyn Monroe. And if you have that ‘Poo’ vibe within you then you can even nail the prom night in two different pieces of shoes. It is all up to you, darling! Well, a woman cannot have a lot of shoes and if you have brands like Fizzy Goblet in town whose captivating shoes are often flaunted by our favourite celebrities then definitely you cannot have enough of them. Sonam Kapoor was kind enough to gift her wedding guests with Fizzy Goblets but if you don’t have friends like her in your life then consider us one. No, we aren’t going to gift you these but we are showing some bomb new arrivals from the Fizzy Goblet collection which will catch all your attention RN. Mind you, these are not the regular designs which you might be seeing…