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Why do Indian girls hesitate to wear a Bikini?

None of us are unaware of the bikini issues every Indian girl has to go through before she actually decides to wear one! No matter how many times it’s flaunted on the silver screen or the ramp, wearing a Bikini is still a question. There are innumerable taboos an Indian girl has to face even if it’s her favourite choice on the beach. Most of the times it’s the #LOGKYAKAHENGE mania. But there are other issues too. Let’s explore and see if we can solve some of them. #LOGKYAKAHENGE Image Source: Google This has always been an issue for most Indian girls! We, due to the burden of culture, have always been found indecisive in almost every situation. Of course, wearing a bikini is no exception to that. It’s always more about what ‘they’ will say rather than what ‘I’ think is correct! Sad but true. #BODYSHAMING Image Source:…