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‘I am the Fashion Queen’ Are You? Let’s Get Rolling Then!

‘Being a diva, isn’t easy, is it? You can definitely not underestimate the essence of being a diva. I love and live fashion and that is almost like a talent. I wish I could use this as an extra add-on on my resume.’ – every fashion nova girl in the world, including me. We list few instances and if you could relate to them all, you are definitely a fashion queen and all must hail to you. 1. YOU PANIC IN DESPAIR IF YOU ARE CALLED FOR A PARTY, INSTANTLY No, not because you don’t have time but because you have ‘nothing to wear’ from your ever so filled closet. 2. YOU DECIDE YOUR CLOTHES FOR WORK ONE DAY IN ADVANCE Getting up in the morning and deciding which clothes to wear does not happen in the life of a diva. 3. YOU KNOW ABOUT EVERY SALE SEASON ON EVERY…