5 Ways To Nail Your Winged Eyeliner

Eyeliner struggles are too real, aren’t they? Do you also feel that an eyeliner can just change the whole look of your face? Are you also bored of basic winged liner? Do you also crush over celebrities dramatic eyes? If the answers are yes then this post is perfect for you! If you are a pro at winging your eyes then these edgy eyeliner styles can be tried this summer. Just wing it like Sonam Be daring like Sonam Kapoor and let your wings fly high! We still can’t get over this eyeliner style of hers and we think you should also give it a try this season. Anyone can rock this look and step out in style. Double wings: double drama Play with your eyes and add some drama by winging them twice. Take two contrasting color tones and look like a diva! This style will do wonders…