7 Must Own Jean Styles for Women!

‘I hate jeans and I wish there could be a life without them.’ ‘Hey, but I love jeans and I cannot do a day without them.’ Which of the above sections you see yourself in? I am someone who is in between these. But, whatever that may be, a fashion world without jeans is seriously incomplete. No matter you love jeans or not, they are undoubtedly your ultimate go-to staple most of the time. So, since jeans are inseparable from our closet, we are talking about types of jeans every one of us should own. 1. FRINGED CUFF This is one of the best styles of jeans that we have seen this season.  The jeans whose cuffs are fringed are super trending and also look uber chic. The uneven ripped bottoms with fringes look stylish giving a fashionable break to the monotonous ends. 2. RIPPED DENIM The ripped denim is…

11 Trends To Make Denim More Than Just A Basic

Denims are one of the most basic pieces of cloth that everyone owns. When you are lazy or in doubt, just throw on a pair of jeans and a denim jacket and you would look effortlessly stylish. It is versatile and comes in different fits and designs to cater to your comfort and always keep you trendy. They never go out of style. Here are 10 denim trends that would never go out of style: 1. The Skinny Jeans Skinny Jeans fit tight on your body and accentuates your curves. They are one of the most popular denim styles that most women have as their go-to piece. You can wear them with almost every everything from tops to Kurtis.Versatility and effortlessness at its best. 2. Denim Dresses Dresses are comfortable and you can toss them on anytime, anywhere. Denim adds a chic factor to them. Try a shift or a…