Confidence -The ultimate key to rock fashion! Here’s how these celebs carried it.

Yves Saint Laurent rightly stated – Fashion fades, Style is eternal. Yet, we all weave a web of lies that, we are confident and proud of the body we’re in. Everyone has insecurities and imperfections and one can ever overcome them, all we can do is embrace. If you have confidence in yourself, darling, no one can bring you down, because confidence is the ultimate key to rock fashion anywhere! It’s not rocket science in wearing the current and existing trend by simply buying it and worrying whether it suits you. As long as you are confident, happy and comfortable, you’re gonna own it and rock it! If you have style, fashion is just a bonus that just compliments it. What makes you praise worth is your style and confidence. Follow these enchanting words and charm will follow you wherever. Also, there is no one perfect body, I believe that each person…