8 Times When Alia Bhatt Gave Us Major Outfit Goals!

We all look for an inspiration when it comes to Fashion. We need to accept that our main source of inspiration usually comes from celebrities. This time we picked up a fabulous actress who’s been charming everybody with her glamour- Alia Bhatt. Her unique style of dressing doesn’t fail to catch anybody’s attention. It’s amazing how effortlessly she carries any kind of style with grace and elegance keeping us all stunned. We’re here to make sure that you pick up some of Alia’s best looks and experiment with them because isn’t fashion all about that. 1.All White With A Twist It’s insane how elegantly she carries the color white. If you’re thinking of going casual then this is the perfect combination to go for. A color like white always pairs the best with denim. 2.Checks and Prints Don’t subject her style to a single category as she has an unpredictable…

7 people that changed the way we look at fashion today

History redefines everything and when it met fashion in a by lane, the story weaved was nothing less than marvelous. History has borne witness to innumerable style icons who have been instrumental in making the trends that we see in fashion today. From the west to our own culture, innumerable personalities have contributed to the fashion world. Take a walk down the memory lane, relating and reliving moments as you go by… Princess Diana This goddess of beauty, transformed from her modish girl next door look to a revamping style icon in no time. Call it the confidence of becoming the Duchess of Cambridge or her beauty flair, Princess Diana evolved from Fair isles sweaters, Laura Ashley carnivalesque ensembles and ruffled gowns to chinos, white button downs, slim sheaths, tailored pants and dress suits. Chanel, Versace, Valentino were all redefined by our first all-time style icon.   Jawahar Lal…