break up day


The Breakup Day Look Book! ‘Cause Baby, You Deserve Better!

It’s is not your fault! It’s all me and my flaws!¬†Ever heard these words? If yes, you totally know what I am talking about. And, if you have never been there, it is okay! You’ll be fine! Breakups can lead to major heartaches and make you feel like doing nothing. And, if by any chance you know tomorrow he is going to break up with you, your night is going to be filled with different emotions. But, I would say, the best option is to embrace the future with style. Style so fierce that it makes him think twice or, should I say several times in his whole life! Breakup day style guide! (It’s not you babe, it’s me) He is a jerk and you can do better! But, let him know that you are all set to be out there in the world again, but this time in style…