10 Clothing from Lulu and Sky That Are Perfect Summer Staples!

It was Alia Bhatt’s Vogue cover denim photography campaign where we first time read about the brand Lulu and Sky. We were totally glued to the designs and the styles of the brand from that time itself. The flared jeans, fringed denim pants and so many fresh styles caught our attention. Now, this is one of our preferred brands for shopping and the best part is that its products are mostly on heavy discount which makes it totally affordable without compromising on the quality. Bloggers are crazy about this brand and a lot of other celebrities are seen wearing this brand at promotional events. We are fanatical about the fresh styles of this brand. Check out some of our current favourite clothing styles from Lulu and Sky. 1. Flaunting My Roses This gorgeous, straight out of the Wonderland skirt is elegant and perfect for summers! Buy Here 2. Coz the…