body negativity


I am curvy, and I know it.

Put a stop to Body Shaming! You are pretty! Yes, you, the one who is reading. You are definitely pretty no matter how many flaws you have. Everyone in the world had flaws, it’s just that some people hide it under the makeup layers or with the filters. It all depends on how you want to live, girl. Afterall it’s your life and your body. Fat, skinny, short, bulky, curvy, straight all these are just adjectives whereas confidence is the feeling which you have to look up for, always. Also, if someone tries to lower down your morale and tries to body shame you, do not forget to come back with such kickass replies. 1. THANK YOU! Person – You are short, but short is cute. You – Which you and your body shaming mentality are not. 2. HAIR FLIP Girl – Are you even able to wear bodysuits with…