Stay close to nature with Forest essentials!

Summers are kinda harsh on our skin so to tame that down one of the best solutions is to use ayurvedic products. We at Styledotme believe that quality comes first, to assure you we want to share with you one of the most trusted ayurvedic brand “Forest essentials”. Authentic and traditional brand Forest essentials were built on the foundations of the ancient science of Ayurveda. Forest essentials offer products in all major categories like Facial care, body care, hair care and wellness. They use traditional methods in its making and follow the highest standard of purity and quality. Here are our few favorite picks that you should definitely incorporate into your beauty regime from Forest essentials. 1. DELICATE FACIAL CLEANSER MASHOBRA HONEY, LEMON & ROSEWATER Especially in summers when we are drenched in sweat and oil in our faces, rose water is really handy. This rose water cleanses your face very gently and removes all impurities…