Alaya By Stage 3: The new Sassy Fashion Brand in Town

You must have noticed some of your favourite bloggers flaunting their fashion poses in some trending runway styles from a brand called Alaya by Stage 3. So, basically Stage 3 social is a rental fashion online store which has a collection of some of the best designer outfits which you can rent and flaunt at affordable rates. If you love a certain design a lot, you can keep it forever too by purchasing it. Their styles are chic, runway-inspired, elegant and effortless. Check out the pieces from Alaya that we are drooling on. 1. That Golden shirt For the days when you are feeling low and for the days when you are feeling high! https://www.instagram.com/p/BizXMkZly9N/?taken-by=trishalalovebug Buy Here 2. Pink and Florals What is better than being surrounded by flowers in the summers or any season? https://www.instagram.com/p/BiL1dnxBGlY/?taken-by=trishalalovebug Buy Here 3. Frills on my Sleeves I can only handle smoke on my…