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THE RETURN OF 90s: Setting the runaway ablaze

The year 2016 has witnessed many changes and experimentation in style statements. Be it the boisterous, charismatic, candid actor Ranveer Singh who performed some dangerous stunts or the lady who won million hearts with that simple girl smile in Piku and with that royal touch as Mastani. Style has been redefined in the most unusual way possible. Many fashion trends have set the runway ablaze, with some 90’s classic dresses and accessories making a come back in 2017… 1. Chokers Since all women love to add an exclamation point to their outfits, accessorising with chokers came in handy. Be it the casual coffee date or walking down the red carpet, chokers have become the hot favourite of every fashion-loving girl. 2. Capes, bomber jackets and long shrugs Be it a crop top or a dress, hot pants or jumpsuits, these jackets never fail to add that elegance quotient to your outfits.…

The 90s’ fashion is making a comeback!

Kid of the 90s and wish that the 90s’ fashion should make a comeback? Amen, we say, as this year, the 90s’ fashion is making a major comeback and StyleDotMe is damn excited. So, let me first list down some of the crazy fashion trends from the 90s that will be seen this year in full swing! #Necklaces, Chokers Image Source: Google Chokers popped up again in 2016 and are making its mark in 2017. However, in 2017, we are adding sleek necklaces with chokers to totally bring back the 90s vibe. #Biker Jackets Image Source: Google The 90s was famous for the leather jackets. Celebs in the 90s sported sleek jackets. Thus, nothing could have been a sexier comeback than this! #Metallics Image Source: Google The metallic make-up or the metallic fashion was last seen in the 90s in full swing. 2016, though, saw few glimpse of this trend…