||SUPERWOMAN|| is in India and we can’t stop drooling over her super stylish looks

She has fought depression.

She has inspired many.

She has made people laugh.

She is as fantastic as (she is) “puntastic”.

She has been the ||SUPERWOMAN|| in our lives.

I am sure you know by now who are we talking about!


Lilly is on a book tour and visiting India from the 19th to 21st April. Her first book, “How To Be a Bawse: A Guide to Surviving Conquering Life” talks about honest incidents from her life that teach valuable life lessons and captures the essence most beautifully.

As beautifully as she motivates, she carries herself too. Little do people know that Lilly Singh has an awe-inspiring styling sense. She is a trendsetter and we completely love her looks!

So here we’ve compiled (exclusively for you) some of her best looks of the season. Be ready to get amazed as you go along…


||superwoman|| dress look
Image Source: Daily Mail



||superwoman|| formal look
Image Source: Tumblr



Image Source: Buzzfeed



||superwoman|| dress look
Image Source: Confessionsofmakeupartist



||superwoman|| dress look
Image Source: Google



||superwoman|| tshirt dress look
Image Source: HelloGiggles



||superwoman|| dress look
Image Source: Heavy.com



||superwoman|| tshirt dress look
Image Source: Daily Mail

Did she not drive you crazy with her style sense? That’s how multi-talented this lady is!

How we wish we have her on the Styledotme app someday!!! *WOW!!!*

Till then, let’s enjoy her styles, her videos and her new book!

“She’s a dreamer. A doer. A thinker. She sees possibility everywhere.”

You can find me getting excited over little things in the corridors of LSR. Reading is pure unadulterated pleasure to me. Inquisitive by nature, I love debating on newly acquired insights with my friends.

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