Excited to know what’s trending this summer 2018?  Then you’ve landed at just the right place.

Every fashion enthusiast is always tempted to know what’s new in the industry to follow up the best of fashion. It’s mostly celebrities and fashion bloggers who set up one of the most stunning trends which go on for years. Believe it or not but fashion revolves like a round circle coming back to square one all the time. Nothing ever really gets old when it comes to fashion as every old trend comes back with a twist. It’s amazing how 90’s even 80’s fashion is revamped every year with a whole new look makes us go all gaga over it.

1. Ruffles

Ruffles are back in fashion with a vintage touch and we’re in love.It gives any outfit such a sophisticated and simplistic look – one should definitely go for a ruffles top if they’re planning to pull off a minimal look.

2. Off Shoulder Shirt Dress

One of the prints and styles which is trending huge this season is totally stripes and off-shoulder. If one knows how to accessorize it well then it’s perfect for almost any occasion.

3. Goth Style

One can never go wrong with black – The goth style is all about the color black. Go all black with a pair of high waisted ripped jeans and add a choker for a cool goth look.

4. Graphic Tee?

Fashion is all about comfort and we have to agree your favorite tee is all you need to get the comfiest kickass look. If your style is urban cool then this look has it all.

5. Printed Jeans and Lace Up Tops

We’re damn sure you must have spotted someone wearing the same – It’s our favorite too as the lace-up tops never get old. If you’re planning to pull off this look then H & M  and Forever21 will be the best place to find those lace tops and one should definitely go to Zara for embroidered/printed pair of jeans.

6. Sheer Floral Tops

We’re not totally not over this trend – Sheer outfits totally have our heart. Be it a skirt or tops they are on a roll this season. Put on your boyfriend jeans or a high waisted one with a sheer top to raise your style quotient. The floral prints add a vibrant touch to the outfit with the best choice of colors.

7. Versatile White

It’s perfect how the color white adds so much class to an outfit and we totally agree to it. Whenever you’re confused about what to wear for any occasion be it formal or casual – WEAR WHITE! It always works as it adds a classy touch. This white puffed off shoulder top is exactly what you need for a minimalist look.

8. Bustiers

Bored of crop tops? Try on bustiers this summers. Similar to a crop top one can always pair it with a bodycon skirt for a party or even with ripped shorts for a casual outing. It’s totally on you how you wish to experiment with it.

9. Paper Waist

Enough of your favorite everyday pair of jeans it’s time to keep them aside and try something new. Get yourself a pair of paper waist pants for a peppy look as it looks absolutely cool with casuals as well as formals. One can always pair a checked print one with a formal shirt for an office look.

10. Slit Bell Bottoms

We just can’t deny how these bell bottoms have totally rocked this summer. Every girl has it in her closet and it’s time that you should buy a pair for yourself too. It looks super stylish and can be paired with a cool t-shirt or almost any top for an offbeat casual look. Gigi Hadid wore it too! What are you waiting for?

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