5 Simple yet Stylish Ways to Style a Scarf this Season

The dress up season is here and there isn’t a better reason to get up and wear your scarf on your sleeve! Style like a diva this winter with the most versatile accessory of the season- THE SCARF! From retro to Boho, from western to formal- adorn every look with just some twists and turns, some zhooshing and draping of this amazing accessory.  Not only does it keeps you warm (more effective than a hug, at times) but also is a life saver (goes with anything and everything)! But dilemma-ised about how to tie one? Well, that’s another story.

We’ve come up with 5 different step-by-step guides to tie this wonderful piece of clothing!



*Keep it Simple*


One of the easiest ways to tie a blanket scarf is to wrap it around your neck. One of my personal favourites, just wear it like a necklace. All you have to do is- put it around your neck, twist it right and left and then, loop again.



*Drape it around scarf*


An amalgam of the wrap and the knot- it is a slightly advanced version of the two. Drape the scarf like a shawl around your shoulders and make a half knot on the back. Pull the ends tight and the scarf down to cover the ends. One of the coolest ways to style a scarf!


*Knot it up*


If you feel lazy and yet don’t want to compromise on style-you can try this simple method. Put the scarf around your neck equally on both sides. Form a loop and pull the other end out. Let the loose ends hang and look pretty in a jiffy. You can double knot it too (if you find it too long).


*Braid that piece*


One of the new and smartest ways on the block, braiding is catching much popularity. You needn’t do much- just take a long scarf, loop it around your neck, cross the loop and pass the loose ends through it till the ends are too short to tie. Pull a complete a-la-mode look soon!


*The Bow-Tie Way*


If you are getting dressed for a party, you can certainly try this out! This will make you eligible for pretty pictures and some real jazz! Just pull the scarf around your neck, wrap it around once and tie it up like a bow (through some loopin’ and tyin’) for one perfect look.

Try them all and post on the Styledotme platform for more fashion related advice! 😀

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