New clothes thrill you! You cannot stop yourself from buying something every time you go out! Those new danglers on the block are your big time weakness! Can’t resist the slings and the bags! Have matching foot wears for every dress! WELCOME TO THE SHOPAHOLIC CLUB  of Delhi!!

We want atleast 730 outfits for 365 days and an all Zara, Forever21 and H&M collection undoubtedly leaves a hole in the pocket. Not to mention, there is good food and parties to spend on!

Do not get disheartened, we wouldn’t let the Shopaholic in you die. Shop to your heart’s content without feeling broke at these supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yeah, we mean fantastic) street markets in Delhi. After all,


#Go street savy with Sarojini

If you haven’t been here yet, you are missing a lot on fashion. This is the perfect place for shopping trendy yet cheap. From branded tops to in-vogue dresses, fashion in Delhi begins here. You will have to ransack through piles, put up a fake show and bargain your way around but it is worth all the effort. Satiate your shopping pangs here without feeling a pinch for money.

TIP #1: Be alert and brush up your bargaining skills before you’re planning a visit here.


#Kill it at Kamla Nagar

Studying at SRCC, Hansraj or any north campus college, your romance with the Kamla Nagar market is meant to be. Bags, tops, footwears, scarfs, accessories…you name it and you will have it! It is the perfect hub for college goers. Quality. Check. Pocket friendly. Check. You can score a perfect ten with your outfits here and have all the Forever21 feels without even going. 😉

TIP #2: Use those extra bucks saved at one of those cafes on Hudson Lane. Good food after amazing shopping is all that you need.


#Lose your heart in Lajpat

If you love ethnic, this is where you are destined to be. Nothing can beat Central Market when it comes to Indian wear. Kurtis, stoles, ethnic jewellery and juttis are really famous and available at throwaway prices. You will get tired of looking but the lanes wouldn’t end. What’s more is the complimentary showroom shopping that you can do here.

Do not miss the golgappas and the pakodas, you will crave for more! 😀


#Choose dynamic at Dilli Haat

Go the desi way at Dilli Haat. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you will find every state’s speciality here. Those Rajasthani Ghagras, Gujrati Chaniya Cholis, Banarsi Jhumkas and the Kashmiri Pashmeena, you name it and you will find it here. The place is a must-go for all culture-fanatics coz it’s got more to offer than just clothes. A mini Indian haven, it is an abode to all regional dances, local delicacies, handicrafts and handlooms.


#Juggle your way around in Janpath

Sarojini’s sibling, Janpath is just like it but with a twist. The place is known for its quality and oriental products due to heavy footfall of foreigners (CP does the trick there). Antique jewellery and showpieces are a speciality and you cannot find a better place if you’re looking for pretty handbags for a little price. All that the place is missing from a mall like experience was a trial room and when Styledotme got you that, it was certainly a “best of both worlds” experience.



#Make the most of your money at Majnu ka Tilla

Not many people know about it but you can dig up some real treasure here. A Tibetan colony, the area has a well established Tibetan market. Beautiful Tibetan tops, shawls, jackets and accessories make up the small shops. Remember the girl in the green scarf? She shopped it from here. 😉

Not only the clothes but also authentic jewellery and their native spices can be shopped in this beautiful place.

TIP #3: DO TRY THE MOUTH-WATERING, LIP-SMACKING, TIBETAN FOOD!! If you miss this, you’re missing the point.


Wardrobe- Revamped.

Money- Saved.

Guilty feels- Not anymore.

Delhi- Explored.

It’s time to partyyy now!

Let your hair down and dance to the tune of Cheap Thrills. And, don’t forget to don one of those beautiful ensembles from our local ZARA. After all, everything is sorted now. 😀

You can find me getting excited over little things in the corridors of LSR. Reading is pure unadulterated pleasure to me. Inquisitive by nature, I love debating on newly acquired insights with my friends.

You can find me getting excited over little things in the corridors of LSR. Reading is pure unadulterated pleasure to me. Inquisitive by nature, I love debating on newly acquired insights with my friends.



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